landsend_golden gate bridge从Lands End(天涯海角)到Golden Gate Bridge(金门大桥)的行走线路无疑是激动人心的,因为这条线路包含了无数美景,比如Cliff House,Seal Rocks,Sutro Baths,Labyrinth,Sea Cliff,Baker Beach,Marshall Beach和Golden Gate Bridge等等,还可以遥望对面的Hawk Hill等。全程来回10迈。

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时间:11月21日 星期六 10:00 -16:00
集合地点:2008 Merrie Way, San Francisco, CA 94121(Google Map参考地扯,参见停车指南)
宠物:ALLOWED(Dogs must be leashed)
聚餐:老赵川菜San Mateo分店/2450 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403



To: Parking Lot (Cliff House/Seal Rocks/Sutro Baths)-Lands End Trail (Costal Trail)-Eastern Coastal Trail Overlook (Marin Headlands, Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Ocean and the Mile Rock lighthouse)-Lands End Trail-(left turn)-Eagle Point Labyrinth (The Labyrinth was created by a local artist and also offers great views of the Marin Headlands across the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. )/Mile Rock Beach-Lands Ends Trail(left turn)-Eagles Point-EL Camino Del Mar-Sea Cliff Ave-25th Ave-Baker Beach-Lincoln BLVD-Sand Ladder-Battery to Bluffs Trail-Mashall’s Beach (Helmet Rock)- Coastal Trail-Golden Gate Bridge

Back: Golden Gate Bridge-Merchant Road–Lincoln BLVD-EL Camino Del Mar-Parking Lot

lands end to golden gate bridge1

lands end to gloden gate bridge2

lands end to gloden gate bridge3

landsend_golden gate bridge_map


landsend_parking lot


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